The Anointing of Repentance - Part 1


The Anointing of Repentance
Audio from 09/06/09

There is an anointing of repentance. It is an anointing that transforms and enables the believer to turn aside or around from a lifestyle and direction contrary to the Spirit of God, and move towards the will of God. Repentance is not merely a feeling of sorrow, but it’s being so stricken in heart that one begins to seek to live according to God’s standard. Its basic meaning is “to change,” or “to turn.” True repentance effects a change in our mind and in our purpose.
In this powerful teaching series you will learn the following:

  • What the anointing of repentance truly is
  • The foundation of true repentance
  • The kind of heart conviction is most fruitful in to produce a God result
  • The evidence of a repentant heart
  • The six steps to true repentance
  • And much more
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